Stackable vertical gardening for small spaces.

For small areas
Made from 80 % old refrigerators 
100 % recyclable
Made in Austria
Without assembly

Our Mission is that all hobby gardeners of the world can grow their own vegetables
and plants very easy and functional on small spaces. In this way we are supporting
the sustainable use of the resources in our society.


Globalization is increasingly industrializing and commercializing the production and marketing of food. Wide-ranging networks of supply relationships do not always indicate the manufacturer. These dependencies represent major challenges for consumers, as it is not always possible to conclude on the quality of food.

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing food is quality-related information. But not everywhere in the world high standards of food hygiene, MRLs and labeling requirements apply. To counteract these challenges, there is now the innovative "U-greeny" home growing solution, which is geared to the individual needs of growing your own vegetables and herbs on small space.

The U-greeny home growing system consists of specially developed, individual planters, which can be stacked very easily and flexibly on top of each other and / or next to each other - almost everywhere. No screwdriver and no assembly are needed. The individual plant boxes are only to be filled with soil, so that your own vegetables can be grown, (>>instruction manual<<). No matter whether the U-greeny gardener at home has a balcony, a terrace, a winter garden, a small or large garden: U-greeny home growing solution makes individual cultivation of food possible for everyone at home. The U-greeny gardener decides at the same time as producer and consumer, what comes on the plate.

The innovative stackable home growing solution by U-greeny offers the highest product quality in a small space, without pesticides, but regional, seasonal and organic when growing vegetables and herbs. U-greeny helps to support individual organic farming in society, thereby contributing to a healthy society and sustainable use of resources.