Sustainability and Environment

U-greeny is a green product.


- Material: The U-greeny boxes are made in 2019 with 97% recycled material from recycled materials.
- Research: U-greeny works with the University of Linz and the research institute TCKT in
a funded project of the state of Upper Austria successfully at a share of recycling of + 50%.
- Circulatory system: A national waste management concept for comprehensive and environmentally
return to the recycling cycle is created with our Partner Energie AG Umweltservice.



- U-greeny promotes "sustainable lifestyle"
- U-greeny enables a new relation to self-produced foods.
- Green, home-grown food creates independence and provides a healthier, healthier diet.
- Homegrown foods reduce environmental impact and transport routes.
- U-greeny gardeners know exactly where their products come from.



- U-greeny is TÜV tested and patented.