What makes U-greeny unique?

Easy. Clever. Versatile.

U-greeny is EASY

no mounting

Everything ready to start. Just a box.
Just stack, re-arrange, remove without any mounting.
Space saving nesting boxes.

flexible stackability

Just stack them. Individually for your space.
Stackable in different ways on all small spaces.

As tower: space-saving 0.30 yd² (0.25 m²)
On the long side: only 0.60 yd² (0.50 m²)
On the broadside: only 0.78 yd² (0.65 m²)

U-greeny is CLEVER

patented water drain system

Derived from an historic gardeners practice.
Developed for modern urban hobby gardeners.

many functions

- Dewatering
- Watering
soil capacity
Adaptable to space and light conditions
Natural ventilation


- Trivet as big water collecting bassin
- Topbox for salads, herbs and flowers
- Insulation cap for cold days

U-greeny is VERSATILE

many possibilities

- Stacking
- Changing around
- Adapting
- Space-saving nestability
- Transport
- Storing
- Plant protection
- Privacy blind
- Winter vegetables
- Automated watering
and LED lamps adaptable